Noma Solar Lights

New this year – Noma Solar Lights. They apparently work fairly well. I might try them out – my house faces south…

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  1. David R Says:

    We got these lights this year because our older home in Toronto doesn’t have an outlet in which to plug a set of lights. More importantly, we wanted to save on electricity costs.
    So much for Noma’s proclamation that one day of charging will power the lights for three nights. And for six hours!
    They were strung beautifully with the solar charger facing south in a position that would allow the most direct sun through the day. Three hours is the best we’ve been able to coax out of our two strings and that’s on a day where there was nothing but sun. Good luck getting a full charge during one of these typical Canadian winter days of sun and cloud.
    Simple daylight doesn’t seem to do the trick to power them up. Our four year old solar garden lights keep a better charge.
    Too bad, because they are attractive during the time they’re actually on.

  2. Luke Says:

    That’s too bad… thanks for the tip!

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