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Gremlins Christmas Sweater

Monday, November 24th, 2014

The most underrated holiday movie ever is now the best holiday sweater ever.

Via The A.V. Club


Thursday, April 14th, 2011

A taxonomic tree of over 100 wondrous powers and abilities, with over 200 superheroes and supervillains as examples thereof.


Wall Tentacle

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Wall tentacle


Poe Bust

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Looking for more upscale Halloween decor?

Check out this amazing Poe bust.

Mason Jar Pendant Light

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

I need these in my kitchen for pickling season…


Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Beautiful leather cover for your Molskine.

Don’t worry; because of the styling, people will still know you’ve got a Moleskine.

Now if only they made Rhodia covers….

The Wolfman Poster

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Beautiful Victorian-style screen-printed poster by Daniel Danger for the new Wolfman flick.

[via OMG Posters!]

Minus Handmade Bags

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Fantastic handmade bags by Minus. Mine just arrived in the post – gorgeous!

Moustache salt and pepper shaker

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Finally – a salt and pepper shaker worthy of my austerity.

[via Bug-Eyed Bistro]

Beat It Tee

Friday, July 10th, 2009

What better way to eulogize the King of Pop than to wear this?